World famous Hollywood Legend visited CPH PIX

! CphPix & Honorary Robert to William Friedkin 40414 Photo HASSE FERROLD 1 scaled

On 4 & 5 April, William Friedkin visited Copenhagen where he personally introduced his thriling masterpiece “Sorcerer” (Frygtens Pris) in Dagmar Bio.

William Friedkin is the American film director, producer and screenwriter best known for directing The French Connection in 1971 and The Exorcist in 1973, Mr. Friedkin won the Academy Award for Best Director for the French Connection.

During his visit in Copenhagen and the CPH PIX Festival, the Danish Film Academy awarded William Friedkin the Danish Honorary Robert Award.

BIEN’s Local Editor commented: “Meeting him gave the very positive impression of an open-minded, positive, human personality filled with humor.” Photos by Hasse Ferrold: (left to right) Film Producer Kim Magnusson, William Friedkin and his wife Laura and Festival Director Jacob Neiiendam. More info:

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