What do Danes think of Americans?

Why are americans stupid fat religious

What do the Danes in Denmark generally think of Americans if they are to stereo-type them? The (superficial) answer can be found on the Google search engine on the internet.

If you go to www.google.dk and start typing: “Hvorfor er amerikanere” then google will finish the sentence for you as “…….. så fede /så dumme / så religiøse(why are Americans so fat / so stupid / so religious).

Not very nice to think that this is what our fellow Danes wonder about our fellow Americans. Okay, maybe the Americans are a little more on the obese side than the Danes. However, the Americans have won 353 Nobel prizes compared to only 13 for Denmark. Last but not least 84% of the Danes are a member of Folkekirken compared to 84% of Americans saying they affiliated with a religion.

This computer typed conclusion of “fat/stupid/religious is based on what most Google users are asking (searching) the most. If we go to the much larger English based www.google.com the result will be: “why are Americans so stupid / so ignorant / so rude / so loud. Unfortunately, that is the result that the rest of the world including America think of Americans.

Maybe, we just shouldn’t pay much attention to what the Danes search for at Google.dk. After all when you type: “Hvorfor er jyder” the word “dumme” shows up (Why are Jutlanders so stupid). Jutlanders must feel obliged to dismissing these searches as nothing but stupidity by the ignorant!

Also, Americans are not the only ones considered “rude” on Google – the Danes, the Swedes, the Germans, the French and the Chinese get the same treatment. The English even get slammed for having bad teeth.

Why are Swedes so rude / so tall / so hot / so gay

Why are Germans so rude

Why are French people so rude

Why are Chinese so rich / so rude / so loud / so smart

Why are Norwegians so happy / so rich / so rude / so tall

Why are Finns so quiet / good drivers / so weird / so ugly

Why are Canadians so nice

Why are Argentines so white / so hot so arrogant

Why are English people’s teeth so bad

Why are Danish so tall / so happy / so good looking / so rude

Last but not least – the rest of the world do search why Danes are so tall / so happy / so good looking / so rude.

This article was printed in BIEN on 6 November, 2014.

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