US Ambassador in Denmark commenting on the “Marius crisis”

! US NEW AMBASSADOR Rufus Gifford 30 08 2013 Photo Hasse Ferrold 1

The US Ambassador in Denmark Rufus Gifford commented  Monday on the “Marius crisis”, i.e. the killing of a young giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo. The accusations between Danes and Americans were heating up on the US Embassy’s Facebook page and escalated to everything from Swan-killings in New York to Dolphin-killings on Faroe Islands with extreme touches of Syria and double standards”. The Ambassador wrote Monday on his personal Facebook page:

“Hundreds of you have reached out to me about the death on Sunday of Marius the 18-month old giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo. I was unaware of it before it happened. As an animal lover, a WWF supporter, and the partner of a man who has dedicated his life to animals (Stephen is a veterinarian and spent his whole life working with animals large and small) I find the situation to be disturbing and the v…ideo hard to watch. I have also read numerous articles about the reasoning and justification for his killing and talked to Stephen about it at length. Despite being personally troubled by the action, I also understand the zoo is trying to teach the public about the species, the complexity of life for zoo animals and the life of giraffes in the wild.
Stephen and I will visit the Zoo soon to try and understand why they do what they do. I will keep an open mind until I hear all the different perspectives which is my responsibility.


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