“Transfer Day” at the Danish Church in Yorba Linda

Transfer Day

The novel “Transfer Day” is written to commemorate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Transfer Day (1917-2017) of the Danish Virgin Islands to the United States. The Danish Church in Yorba Linda is having a “book and beverages” with the author Rachel Rodner pen name Sophie Schiller on February 16 at 1.30pm.

From Amazon.com: “Soren Jensen is a Danish journalist on a mission. He’s traveling to St. Thomas to pursue a human interest story, but is really on a personal quest to uncover secrets about his own history. The story concerns an old woman, Abigail Maduro, who claimed on her deathbed to have averted a German takeover of the Danish West Indies. In investigating the story, Soren meets up with Claire Lehman, Abigail’s granddaughter, who shares her grandmother’s diary with Soren, which transports them both back to 1916 with its intriguing tale of spies, saboteurs, a mad Voodoo Queen, and a lonely deserter from a German U-boat who is desperately trying to escape his past. During one fateful night, Soren learns the explosive truth about his own family’s past, and how everybody’s life was changed forever on one fateful day: Transfer Day.”

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