Søren Kierkegaard i Seattle

Kirkegaard foto ambassaden II
First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, 4105 California Avenue Southwest, Seattle, Washington fejrer Bicentennial mindehøjtidelighed med “Kierkegaard for the Church,” den 17 november med:   

11.17.2013- a Kierkegaard sermon at the Holy Eucharist by Pastor Marshall;

– the premiere of “A Kierkegaardian Fugue” by Josh Deutsch, New York City composer, for cello and tenor based on the text on “pernicious sureness” from Christian Discourses (1847) (KW 17:211-212);

– the unveiling of a $10,000 bronze statue of Kierkegaard by Rita Marie Kepner based on the famous profile drawing of Kierkegaard in his broad-rimmed hat by H. P. Hansen (1853-1855);

– a signing of Pastor Marshall’s new book, Kierkegaard for the Church; and Danish folk dancers at the pastry reception following the Holy Eucharist.

Contact: Pastor Marshall deogloria@foxinternet.com.

Kilde: um.dk

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