Royal Danish Summer Camp


On Sunday June 23, wonderful kids with sleeping bags, mattresses, shorts, shirts and towels found their way to the DanishChurch & Cultural center as it was time for the 4th annual Summer Camp. After attending the Short and Sweet Summer Service in the Church, it was time for a cozy family style BBQ on the patio. And Summer Camp 2013 had begun…..

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the church and cultural center was once again transformed into Camp territory and a place for Danish hygge at large. Stories about the Oldest Kingdom of the World were told: we learned about Gorm the Old and Lazy, Harald Bluetooth, Dagmar and her cross, Margrethe the 1st and the Kalmar Union, Valdemar Sejr, Frederik 6 and the freedom, Christian 4 and the battles, Christian 10 and finally Queen Margrethe the 2nd. We were making crowns, shields, swords and painting a granite castle wall. We were singing and marching as the tin soldater. We were dining with the Queen at a Royal Banquet with a lot of etiquette. And yes, we enjoyed wonderful food at breakfast, lunch and dinner time… we even had our special Danish Chef Max in the kitchen! Every day we went to the pool for fun times and every evening the hall was filled with tired, happy kids on quirking mattresses and soft pillows. Wednesday night we concluded the camp with a festive dinner with parents and performance by the campers.

Royal Summer Campers 2013: Keira, Kayla, Xander, Chrsitian, Hunter, Markus, Sebastian, Kendal, Grant, Sesilia, Michelle, Bianca, Emily, Ethan, Amalie, Thorbjorn, Leontine, Thomas, Andreas, Annika, Julie, Martin, Caroline, Kristin, Mads, Katherine, Madison, Sophia and Sasha.

Royal Helpers: Max, Mary, Lilian, Karin, Linda, Kyna, Keela, Annika, Kristoffer, Vibeke, Anna Lisa, Priscilla, Inge, Hans,Soren, Kirsten, Marlene, Kristian and pastor

See you all next year!

Pastor Anne-Grethe Krogh Nielsen

The DanishLutheran Church

16881 Bastanchury Road, Yorba Linda CA 92886, Tel: 714 993 6362

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