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BIEN newspaper June 5 is on the street!

BIEN has subscribers in 43 states – Missing AR, DE, KS, LA, ND, RI and VE

BIEN has subscribers in 43 states plus Denmark, Canada and Virgin Islands. We are only missing Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Vermont. Please help us find at least one subscriber in each of these states so we

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BIEN avis 22 maj er på gaden

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We cannot find Danish Clubs, businesses, etc. in these 6 US states!

The only US states on BIENs List ( where we cannot find any Danish clubs, Danish businesses, churches, etc. are in Delaware, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Maine. Can it really be true that there are no Danish clubs, a

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BIEN’s List is updated with more Danish in America

Need to find "Everything Danish in America"? BIEN's List has 66 bakeries, 146 Danish clubs, 169 Danish furniture stores, 14 realtors, a Danish stamp collecting store, massages, photographers, carpenters, acting /entertainment businesses and many more.  

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BIEN avis 8 maj er på gaden

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BIEN avis 24 April er på gaden

BIEN is helping Danes find Danes in America

There is more than 1,200 Danish clubs, churches, businesses, consulates, etc. listed in BIEN's new BIEN's LIST. The goal is for us Danes to be able to FIND EVERYTHING DANISH IN AMERICA. If your Danish club, church, business, consulate is not

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BIEN’s List – Find Everything Danish in America

America is a big country and there are few Danes ....... Finding a Danish company or club in America can be a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack! BIEN newspaper wants to make it easier for

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DK bumper sticker

Everybody who is Danish, Danish-American, Danish-connected or just like Danish/Denmark needs one on their car. BIEN has made 300 extra bumper stickers if you would like one but live in an area where you cannot find them (outside Solvang, Dannevang, Elk Horn, Tyler,

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