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The Scandinavian Society of Cincinnati

The Scandinavian Society of Cincinnati is having a Danish dinner on Saturday, March 14 at 7pm. More info at:     

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BIEN avis 5 marts er på vej til din postkasse

BIEN 19 februar er på gaden i morgen

BIEN er på vej til din postkasse for "weekend-læsning".

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BIEN urges flying flags half-mast today

BIEN urges all Danish clubs, churches, museum and organizations in America to fly flags at half mast at their facilitates today. Below pictures from outside the Synagogue and the football stadium in Copenhagen.

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Oldest Dane on the prairie has passed away

93 years old Egon Simonsen from Elk Horn who reached TV Star status with the show "Denmark on the Prairie" passed away on February 3. Read about Egon in the next issue of BIEN avis. See mentioning in EkstraBladet HERE.

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BIEN’s List with “everything” DANISH in America

Find everything Danish in America – BIEN’s List is updated again with even more than 1,400 Danish businesses, Clubs and organizations. Find fellow Danes in more than 150 Danish clubs and organizations. Craving Danish food? Search among 97 Danish bakeries

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BIEN 5 februar er på vej

BIEN 22 januar udgave er på vej til din postkasse

Great job opportunity in Danish Solvang

The new and upcoming The Copenhagen House in Solvang is looking for a Retail Manager.

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BIEN 8 january 2015 er på vej

BIENs første udgave i 2015 er på vej til din postkasse.

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