Proud to be American


As we put the 4th of July celebrations behind us, a new Gallup survey shows that the number of Americans who are “extremely proud to be American” seems to continue falling.

The decline that started during the Obama administration continues into the first couple of years of the Trump administration. During the eight years President Obama was in office, the number of “extremely proud to be American” dropped by 7 points from 58% to  51%. During the first one and half year of President Trump the number took a further 4 point drop from 51% t0 47%. This is the first time that  the number of “extremely proud to be American” has been below majority level. However, Americans who are either extremely proud or very proud still stand at 72%. Democrats, women, non-white and young people seem to be less proud than ever. The future of America, i.e. the y0ung people, expressing themselves as “extremely proud” is as low now  (33%) as it was in 2016 (34%). Ten years of political polarization seems to take its toll on the American pride.

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