Princess Marie Of Denmark’s New Year’s Eve Dress Was Better Than Yours

! Foto HASSE FERROLD Regentparret afholdt nytårskur og taffel 1 Jan 2014 11 scaled

Princess Marie of Denmark’s New Year’s Eve Dress Was Better Than Yours – that is how the American Huffington Post describes H.R.H. Princess Marie’s dress at the royal New Year’s party (Nytårs kur). BIEN’s Local Editor in Copenhagen was on location and managed to get this photograph of Princess Marie and Prince Joakim. Princess Marie was wearing a  beautiful long silver glossy dress with a tiara.

The Huffington Post said: “We’re not always fans of the dresses from the annual event in Copenhagen, but Marie kicked off the year in style, showing us just why we love watching royals in all of their glam glory. Since it’s already the second day of 2014, we officially have 363 days to use this as motivation to become princesses, too.”

Let’s hope that Kongehuset can continue to impress the Huffington Post in the rest of 2014.

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