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Danish Days in Solvang – A true celebration of being Danish in America

Those of you who made it to Solvang this Friday-Saturday-Sunday will hopefully agree that it was well worth your while and those of who didn’t make it – well, there is always the 78th Danish Days next year.

This is what I would call: “A true celebration of being Danish in America”. A parade of Danish fun with a Carlsberg horse carriage (what is more Danish than playing music while trying to balance a Carlsberg in your lap), the beautiful Danish Maid 2013 Emma Andersen, a viking ship, kids parading, marching bands, numerous other beautiful floats and most of all the good company with other people enjoying themselves.

The Danes might be a minority in Solvang now but the Danish culture is certainly shared by the majority and celebrated throughout the year. Danish is still heard around the streets and even for those who don’t speak the language anymore the family names, the traditions, the street names, the culture, the food and families in Denmark are often still there – and BIEN is still there. One gentleman from Fresno came up to me and thanked us for still publishing BIEN 131 years later, telling us that he is the 3rd generation reader in his family. This is all worth preserving and celebrating every year.

Of course, one cannot ignore the culinary side of Solvang – Danish pastry, Carlsbergs, leverpostej, sild, rugbrød, etc. This is a worthy match to any celebration in Denmark.

For us Danes, who still feel fresh of the boat 20+ years later, we still find the combination of æbleskiver and medisterpølse a little odd and amusing – but we get it. We do see the similarity to pancakes and American sausages.

BIEN highly encourages every Dane, whether you are Danish, fresh off the boat or just like anything Danish, to join the Danish Days in Solvang on September 19-21, 2014 (and subscribe to BIEN) – only together can we celebrate being Danish in America.

BIEN Publisher


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