National Danish Performance Team Argentina/Chile

There is still time for our Danish friends in Argentina and Chile to see the National Danish Performance Team:
Sunday, February 8      ARGENTINA, Viedma 18:30, La Patagones
Monday, February 9     ARGENTINA, Las Grutas 19:30, the beach
Tuesday, February 10   ARGENTINA, General Roca 21:00
Thursday, February 12 ARGENTINA, Cipoletti 21:00
Saturday, February 14  ARGENTINA, Bariloche 17:00
Monday, February 16   CHILE, Osorno 21:00
Wednesday, Feb 18       CHILE, Valdivia 20:30
Thursday, Feb 19           ARGENTINA, Villa Angustura 19:00
Saturday, Feb 21            ARGENTINA, Neuquen 21:00
More info and exact location at:
Photo: BIEN’s Local Editor in Argentina: Mariela Viviana Chavez

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