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BIEN newspaper 22 October

US Ambassador married in Denmark

The US Ambassador to Denmark Mr. Rufus Gifford was married to Dr Stephen De Vincent on October 10 at The Copenhagen Town Hall with lot of guests. Foto: Hasse Ferrold

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Mini-Denmark in America (Solvang)

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BIEN 8 October 2015

Danish Sisterhood of America annual conference

The Danish Sisterhood of America is holding its 26th annual conference in Denver, Colorado on October 15-17. More info at:

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Den Lille Havfrues 102 års fødselsdag

Den Lille Havfrue har 102 års fødselsdag den 23 august. Billedet er fra fruens 100 års fødselsdag in 2013. Foto: Hasse Ferrold. The Little Mermaid has her 102 years birthday on August 23 . The photo is from the Lady's 100 years

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