Is it difficult as an expat to relocate to Denmark?

Welcome to Denmark

Dansk Industri recently stated that: “Denmark needs foreign labor but Denmark can be a difficult country to relocate to. Tightening of the immigration legislation and the Danes’ way of saying welcome – or rather to not say welcome – to foreigners make it difficult to be a foreigner (expat) in Denmark in 2014”. That was the message from a debate on Saturday, June 14 at Folkemødet on Bornholm.

Sure we have have a difficult language with ÆØÅ, different cultural expressions like Hygge and Janteloven, often bad weather, dark winters and the highest taxes in the world – but is it true that are we not welcoming in Denmark?

We would like to hear from any of our American-born readers who are or have been expats in Denmark – is it difficult as a professional expat to feel welcome in Denmark – by the Danes, the Danish government and the Danish culture in general?

P.S. this article is not about political asylum seekers and refugees.

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