Holger Danske moves into Solvang

HolgerDanske SCALED

A statue of Holger Danske has moved into THE COPENHAGEN HOUSE on Copenhagen Drive in Solvang. The statue was revealed by the Danish Ambassador to the United States, Peter Taksoe-Jensen during a Danish culture conference in Solvang. Holger Danske is 12 foot tall, weigh 800 pounds and is cut out of one piece of American cedar wood. According to the legend, when the Danish kingdom is threatened by a foreign enemy, the statue of Holger Danske will turn into flesh and blood, and Holger the Dane will rise to defend his country.Holger the Dane is a mythical Viking, whose story has been continuously told in Danish history including by Hans Christian Andersen. Furthermore, the most famous resistance group during WWII in Denmark was called Holger Danske. A new myth has been told about the new Holger Danske in Solvang – he will wake up, turn into flesh and blood and defend the Danish’ness of Solvang if it ever gets in trouble.

The Copenhagen House is a new Danish culture and retail center in Solvang that will only house products from Denmark. It is expected to open by May 2015.


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    Who’s the artist !

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