Dollar millionaires in the US compared to Denmark

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The United States have more dollar-millionaires than any other country in the world says the annual World Wealth Report by Capgemini Sogetis and RBC’s Wealth Management.

Is this another proof about the wealth dispairity in the United States compared to for example Denmark? Or is it another proof that it is impossible to become rich in Jantelovs suppressed Denmark?

Not so – as a matter of fact the proportioned number of millionaires in the US is not that difference from Denmark. 1.27% of the population (4 mill out of 318.6mill) are millionaires in the US compared to 1.06% of the population (60K out of 5.6mill) are millionaires in Denmark.

According to Jyllandsposten, the individual wealth is excluding net value of residence, collections and other consumer goods. The wealth is only measured by the value of cash, savings, investments, pensions and other properties net of debt.

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  1. Bill says:

    Danish millionaires — is that before (gross) or after (net) taxes?

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