Denmark is still European Champion!

Most taxes

No, we are not talking about the 1992 soccer championship or Danish happiness rating or Noma restaurant.

We are talking about tax burden and the fact that Denmark remains the undisputed winner of the European Championship in tax burden. The European Commission just released its “Tax Revenue as a % of total Revenue” analysis. Denmark is taking a very comfortable lead with 48.1% in tax revenue as a % of total revenue in 2012 up from 47.2% in 2011. The closest competitor is Belgium with 45.4% and the average in the 28 EU country is 39.4%.

According to the American Heritage Foundation, Denmark is also the World Champion in tax burden in front of Belgium and Sweden. The United States are far down the list with only a tax burden of 26.9%.

On the other hand, the United States are the undisputed world champion in corporate tax rates with 40%. Ahead of Japan with 35.64% and Belgium/India on a shared third place with 33.99% (source: Kmpg).

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