Dansk Rugbrøds Bagning Workshop – San Francisco på søndag

ryebread2Danish Ryebread Baking Workshop – Scandinavian School in San Francisco

Ryebread Baking Workshop for adults! 

Our popular Danish Ryebread Baking Workshop with Pernille Øland is coming up on September 8!  Everyone will get a chance to learn the secrets of how to bake the famous Danish rye bread! This morning will conclude with a feast on rye bread with cream cheese and lox. This year we will have an activity planned for kids at the same time, so if you want to, you can bring your children to the workshop. They will have something fun to do while you learn how to bake Danish ryebread! There is a separate fee for the children’s event.

Date: Sunday September 8  / Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm  / Cost: $45/adult and $10/child.

Danish Teacher: Pernille Øland.  / Location: The Scandinavian School in SF, 20 Woodside Ave, SF, CA. 94127.


2 comments on “Dansk Rugbrøds Bagning Workshop – San Francisco på søndag

  1. Unable to attend for health reasons…hope there is another one soon…or possibility for one to happen down on the Monterey peninsula!

  2. Ann LaRocco says:

    would love to come …. is there still room???
    please let me know

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