Danmarks Konkurrence Dygtighed Falder

Global Competitivenes R_CoverSmall_2012-13

I henhold til World Economic Forum’s årlige report “The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013: er Danmarks konkurrence evne faldet fra en 8. plads til en 12. plads i verden. I 2010 havde Danmark en 3. plads i verden. Faldet er hovedsageligt på grund af svagheder i landets finansielle institutioner og marked. Danmark scorer stadigvæk høje karakter i landets uddannelses-systemer og arbejdsmarked flexibilitet. USA er faldet fra en 5. plads til en 7. plads. Verdens mest konkurrence dygtige land er Schweiz foran Singapore.

Hele reporten kan læses her.

World Economic Forum – Denmark recap:

Denmark loses four positions this year, placing 12th, with a weakening in the assessments of its institutions and financial markets. Similar to its Nordic neighbors, the country benefits from one of the best functioning and most transparent institutional frameworks in the world (14th), although there has been some decline in this area since last year. Denmark also continues to receive a first-rate assessment for its higher education and training system (14th), which has provided the Danish workforce with the skills needed to adapt rapidly to a changing environment and has laid the ground for their high levels of technological adoption and innovation. A continued strong focus on education would help to reverse the downward trend (from 3rd place in 2010 to 14th this year) and to maintain the skill levels needed to provide the basis for sustained innovation-led growth. A marked difference from the other Nordic countries relates to labor market flexibility, where Denmark (8th) continues to distinguish itself as having one of the most efficient labor markets internationally, with more flexibility in setting wages, firing, and therefore hiring, more workers than in the other Nordics and than most European countries more generally.

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