Danish movies coming to Hollywood!

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The Danish Embassy in Washington reports that on November 14, 2013, it was announced that a US remake of the Danish success TV-show “Borgen” is in the making. Six weeks earlier, it was announced that the Danish film director Ole Christian Madsen and the scriptwriter Anders Thomas Jensen as the first Danes ever have sold a new action series to American HBO. The show is called ‘Blood & Ice’ and takes place in Greenland.

These announcements are just part of Danish movies’ and TV-shows’ expanding presence over the past months in the US. This year, the American audience has been introduced to movies like the highly acclaimed documentary ‘The Act of Killing’, which recently won the 2013 Puma Impact Award here in New York City, the intense thriller ‘A Hijacking’ receiving great reviews from The New York Times  and the drama ‘The Hunt’, which is Denmark’s candidate in the race for the Oscar’s 2014. On November 26, the movie “Applause” will be out on DVD in the US and Canada.

But it’s not just Danish movies that seem to have hit a spot overseas. Both Danish TV-shows and Danish actors on US TV-shows have been in high focus this summer and fall.

“The Danish presence in the US TV-market has been overwhelming these past months. Great Danish TV-shows like ‘The Killing’ (Forbrydelsen, red.) and ‘The Bridge’ (Broen, red.) have definitely played a big part in this renewed interest in Danish TV,” says Consul General of Denmark in New York, Ambassador Jarl Frijs-Madsen.

Both ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’ were sold and remade in US versions. ‘The Bridge’ premiered on FX this summer, while ‘The Killing’ has been running on AMC since 2011. Just this fall, it was announced that the Danish TV-series ‘Lærkevej’ has been sold to American NBC and will be adapted to a US version called “Park Road”. Last year, the show “Rita” was sold to Bravo Media, and currently a pilot of the US version is in the making with Anna Gunn (‘Breaking Bad’) as the American private school teacher Rita.

“It is a huge compliment to Danish TV-production. There is no doubt that the quality of Danish TV is one of the main reasons for the American TV business for buying all these Danish shows and use Danish writers and directors, too,” says General Consul in New York Ambassador Frijs-Madsen.

Danish TV-drama: Sales and Remakes
‘Forbrydelsen’, DR. Sold to 130 countries. American remake on AMC as ‘The Killing’.

‘Borgen’, DR. Sold to 70 countries. American remake on NBC.

‘Broen’, Nimbus Film/DR. Sold to 131 countries. Amex-Mexican and French-English remakes.

‘Den som dræber’, Miso Film/TV 2. Sold to 11 countries. American remake on A&E Networks. ‘Lærkevej’, Cosmo Film/TV 2. Sold to nine countries. Sold to remake in the US on NBC.

‘Rita’, SF Film/TV 2. The right to broadcast the show is sold to a number of European countries.

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