Danish movies at Nordic Lights Film Festival in Seattle

The highjacking

Nordic Lights Film Festival is this coming weekend, Friday-Sunday, Jan 17-19 @ SIFF Film Center, Seattle Center.

Among a line up of very interesting Scandinavian films are the two Danish movies, The Good Life and A Highjacking playing on Saturday.

More info at www.siff.net

Saturday 2:pm |The Good Life

Documentary | Language: Danish with English subtitles | 2010 | A film by Eva Mulvad.

 Two women – mother and daughter – live together on the sunny Portuguese coast. They’ve always lived first class. The daughter, Anne Mette, 56, has never worked and grew up believing that money is something you just pick up in the bank. But what do you do when the bank account is suddenly empty?

The film follows mother and daughter for three years in their numerous and often funny attempts to adapt to their new grim reality of unpaid bills. In the beginning, the daughter states, “I’d rather die than work” but later she reluctantly tries to enter a job market she knows nothing about. The Good Life is a tragic-comic story of glory and fall, but also a film about upbringing and overprotection in a family that had it all and ended up with nothing.

Saturday 4:00 pm | A Hijacking

Feature Drama | Language: Danish with English subtitles | 2012 | Directed by Tobias Lindholm

The Danish cargo ship MV Rozen is heading for harbor when it is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Among the men on board are the ship’s cook Mikkel and the engineer Jan, who along with the rest of the seamen are taken hostage in a cynical game of life and death. With the demand for a ransom of millions of dollars, a psychological drama unfolds between the CEO of the shipping company and the Somali pirates.

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