Danish Morten Andersen in NFL Hall of Fame?

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He is a small town Danish kid (born in Copenhagen but grew up in Struer, Jutland) who lives the American Dream. He didn’t make the junior national soccer team in Denmark but was discovered when he kicked an American football at an high school in Indianapolis.

We are talking about Danish Morten Andersen who is nominated for the National Football League’s (NFL) Hall of Fame for the third time but has not made it in yet.

Andersen is a American football kicker who was drafted in 1982 and has played for the New Orleans Saints (1982–1994), Atlanta Falcons (1995–2000), New York Giants (2001), Kansas City Chiefs (2002–2003),  Minnesota Vikings (2004) and Atlanta Falcons (2006–2007).  Andersen scored more than 90 points in each of 22 seasons and topped 100 points 14 times in his 25-year career. Andersen’s moment of glory is probably a game-winning field goal in overtime that sent the Falcons to Super Bowl XXXIII.

Some of Andersen’s records among many:

Most games played (career) – 382

Most consecutive games played by a placekicker – 248

Most field goals attempted (career) – 709

Most field goals (career) – 565

Most points (career) – 2,544

You can vote for Andersen’s candidacy for the NFL Hall of Fame HERE  

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