Copenhagen remains besieged by terror


UPDATE: It is now close to 5 in the morning in Copenhagen. The city remains besieged by the chaos of the terror attacks. It is now approximately 13 hours ago that two of BIEN’s editors could report that a shooting was taking place by Kulturhuset Krudttønden on  Østerbro in Copenhagen around 3.30pm.

One civilian is dead after the shooting at Kulturhuset and three police officers were injured. The Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and the French Ambassador were at Kulturhuset. The Police is looking for a man 24-30 years old, tall, athletically built, Arab looking but lighter skin than normal and smooth black hair. He was carrying a black machine gun.

At 1.00am another civilian was shot and killed outside the Jewish synagogue in Copenhagen near Nørrebro Station. Two policemen were also shot – one in the arm and the one in his leg.

There is now police every in Copenhagen and the borders to Sweden and Germany are manned by police now. Strøget is closed off. Politiken could rapport an eyewitness account of police with masks and machine guns running down the streets. 

The shooter or shooters have still not been caught. The Copenhagen Police is tweeting “watch out for yourselves”.

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