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Biens list

America is a big country and there are few Danes …….

Finding a Danish company or club in America can be a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack!

BIEN newspaper wants to make it easier for Danes in America, who is looking for a Danish bakery, or a Danish furniture store near their house, or a Danish speaking accountant or maybe a Dane looking for a job with a Danish company in America, etc. to find everything Danish in America.

Our readers have asked us for a list of Danish “things” in America. Even the Danish Ambassador to the United States asked us why nobody has made a list? Well, BIEN listened!

BIEN has finally made it possible to FIND EVERYTHING DANISH IN AMERICA on BIEN’s List© …………..and even better – it is FREE for any Danish company, club, church, consulate, organization, etc. who is Danish owned, sells Danish products, speaks Danish, promotes Denmark or has some kind of other Danish association, to be listed on BIEN’s List:

BIEN needs your support promoting “Danish” in America  – We would love to help you with your advertising needs,  to have you as a subscriber or if you already subscribe (THANK YOU) recommend BIEN to a friend! 

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