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New pergola presents the life and legacy of Jens Jensen.

Outdoor exhibition installed in the Jens Jensen Prairie Landscape Park

 A new pergola at the entrance to the Jens Jensen Prairie Landscape Park is the site for an ongoing exhibition about the life, career and legacy of Jens Jensen. Visitors to the museum’s grounds can learn about this Danish immigrant and the impact he has had on landscape architecture in America.

Visitors to Luck, Wisconsin or Davenport, Iowa can also learn about Jens Jensen while each community hosts traveling versions of the museum’s exhibition.  “Jens Jensen: Celebrating the Native Prairie” is on view at the Luck Historical Society through the month of July. 

 At the German American Heritage Center, the exhibition “Land and Water / Land und Wasser” celebrates Jens Jensen (the “Land” man) using the interpretive materials developed by The Danish Immigrant Museum.  The other half of the installation celebrates Ernest Oberholtzer, a Davenport native who was instrumental in advocating the creation of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota and Canada (the “Water” man).  This installation will be on view through October 27.


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