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Stay tuned for the new online BIEN

On July 1, 2018, BIEN will be publishing online again. Stay tuned. Læs mere.

BIEN newspaper 28 July

BIEN avis for 28 juli er på gaden. Læs mere.

BIEN newspaper July 7

BIEN avis 7 juli er på gaden. Læs mere.

BIEN avis 16 june

The latest great newspaper from BIEN. Læs mere.

Årets Bi / Bee of the Year 2016

Read more in the upcoming issue of BIEN newspaper on June 16, about Årets Bi. Læs mere.

BIEN avis 2 june

The latest BIEN newspaper for 2nd June. Læs mere.

BIEN avis May 19 is out

BIEN avis May 19 is now on the street. Læs mere.

BIEN avis 5th May

BIEN Avis 5th of May is on the street. Læs mere.

The latest BIEN avis

BIEN avis 21 april er i postkassen. Læs mere.

Vote for Solvang

Give the Danish town Solvang your vote for Favorite Historic Small Town! Læs mere.

Latest BIEN newspaper 7 April

The latest BIEN newspaper 7 April 2016 is on its way to your mailbox Læs mere.

BIEN March 24

BIEN March 24 is out. Læs mere.

BIEN March 10 on its way

BIEN Avis March 10 is on its way to your mailbox. Læs mere.

BIEN Avis February 25 is out

BIEN Avis for 25th of February should be in your mailbox. Læs mere.

Bien Avis 11 Februar at the newsstand

Bien newspaper for February 11 is on its way to your mailbox. Læs mere.

BIEN avis 21 januar

BIEN avis den 21 January er på vej til din postkasse. Læs mere.

BIEN newspaper 22 October

BIEN newspaper/avis for 22 October is being mailed out. Læs mere.

US Ambassador married in Denmark

The US Ambassador to Denmark was married at The Copenhagen Town Hall. Foto: Hasse Ferrold Læs mere.

Mini-Denmark in America (Solvang)

Mini-Denmark in America (Solvang) by the Læs mere.

BIEN 8 October 2015

BIEN 8 October 2015 is on the street Læs mere.